Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Power of the People

Dear President Obama,

We here in these places you call the third world would like to know something from you, where do you stand? In this struggle between powers that be and the people, where do you stand?

The people have elected a leader, the leader has done something wrong, and the military has usurped his power. The usurpers have arrested him and denied him due process; they have exiled him from his home and thereby broken Article 9 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document I know you and I hold dear. The leader has cried out to you and asked for your help to free his people. I know it is within your power to help and if you have taken these tenets to heart as I have then the course must be clear. You know the cost of failing to help will mean that these people will become the next martyrs of democracy, and their blood will be on all our hands because those of us who could did not help.

We watch you, we listen to you. You tell us that we are the generation that can make a difference; that we can move towards a more peaceful world. We want to champion these causes and we watch you for inspiration. We are enthusiastic about your efforts in the Middle East and hope you succeed where many have failed. Please show us the way and tell us where you stand, be and do the things that you believe are right.

Best Regards,

PS: This is all about the people of Honduras


Carsozy said...

Middle east, Economy, North Korea, Iran, Climate change not to mention the White sox game at 10:00pm and you think the nigga gon hear you? wake up dude. Zelaya oughta go fishing or sumthin.

antipop said...

Rhino, Obama is not God!

Rhino said...

You know what, I'm so boycotting this ka @ thingy.

Carsozy, he signed up for the job and he has been specifically called upon, if he's just pulling our legs let him say so.

Antipop, I think he's the closest I'll come to God, him and the Dalai Lama. He he

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