Tuesday, July 14, 2009


@. This is my reason for putting my comments here besides it being my blog. I don't know wh@t this k@ thing me@ns, but I keep seeing it on other people's blogs. Each time I use it I wonder whether it means "at" or "for each" and then my mind races all over the place. I'm not up to scratch on this k@ thingy so please someone enlighten me, pleeeease.

ScotchBiscuits, you blow me away! You and that damn pastry just blow me away! Good luck with the exams.

Mr. B2B, we try. We try to put down the words as they come to us, one at a time.

Carsozy, on any other day I would feel too modest to accept but what the heck, I'll have some of that "artistical genius" stuff as well.

African gurl, here's some advice you don't get when you're stepping into the world. "Find the things that make it all worthwhile and point your compass there, all else will be okay."

Fiona, where have u been hiding? I need one of those long emails. I am on a hunt for kabozi. I guess I am in the process of evolution, it is a wondrous thing!


Biro Chic said...

When we do this @ we mean the comment is meant for that person..
Thanx for that advice..jsut what i need to face this world..
African Gurl turned biro chic.

B2B said...

ok mate....
b-chic has cleared up the ish for you, right?
and i do believe you....

serakelz said...

the @ thing actually means at! as in like, @BsB, bla bla bla bla!
but if u attended a gd pri school then ud know that in math class it actually means each! like those mangoes are 200shs@

streetsider said...

wurra wurra.

passed by, whats up.

~ gnuts ~ said...

Lol. (That means 'laughing out loud'.)

@ this post. (That means 'at this post'.)

I would leave further comments but I'm afraid I'm terribly biased. Is it okay to leave biased comments?

And can I charge for blog comments? e.g. 200shs@ ?

Anonymous said...

kabozi coming up soon. Fiona

Emi's said...

Was @ here