Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You Make Me Believe

Nostalgia Revisited

I am of this world,
Earth, Wind, Water and Fire
Of the beyond,
I have an intense desire
I am guilty of the sins of man
All shades of colour under the sun
Red blue and sometimes cyan
My fate is not beyond the clouds
Nor am I destined for hell's hounds
A flower of these gentle grounds
I must sway to life's sounds
I must climb the mountains
Sail the calm and the stormy seas
Walk through the dark forests
And dance on the flower filled leas
And when my dance is done
I must take my place in the mud
Forever under the sun
For I am of this world.


I used to believe that when you died, everything was wrapped up. There was nothing that came after. You just lived the best you could. How can I believe that now, now that you are gone from here? I cannot face life with this belief; it will not keep me going. There must be something more that transcends us all and of all that I have before me I choose love. I choose you. You make me believe!


~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

This is so beautiful! It is a shame that I cant think of anything to say but that it is so beautiful. and it takes me to a very happy place, because it is a heavy subject lightly written, sort of like drinking vodka out of a baby's sip cup.
Amazing job!!

Mr. B2B... said...

Heavy subject,Lightly written
Scotchie took the words away RhinoDude..
In any other circumstance, i would say...
Mad Skillz..

Carsozy said...

Rhino ol'boy I was just sittin here surfing and you just made my day. that was artistical genius.

African gurl said...

I love this,poetically beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that you are better off now that you belive. I remember when i first read this poem i thought to myself that i could not imagine not believing because it would leave a bleak and unsettling feeling at the bottom of my throat Fiona

Abid said...

fuck. am hanging up my pen. u have just made me feel inadequate and trust me , thats very hard. nice piece.