Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peace, Love, Sex, Freedom and Rock n Roll

See, I have this affliction; I have become addicted to kb. Perhaps it's because I want to spend as little time in my head but then again, how will I write? I have come to a realisation that there is nothing more intimate than thought and so I inquire about other people's thoughts. I have had interesting conversations with many of you and I hope to have many more. For example, I didn't know that the longer a girl goes without sex, the less the urge to fornicate. For us guys, the longer we go, the worse it gets and we end up doing all sorts of things. Like that booty call to your ex which you know will complicate everything. Seriously, I think a large part of our brain is set aside for sex and all that goes with it. Some aspiring philosopher friends of mine have actually come to the conclusion that life is all about sex. I agree, but sandwiched by four other things, a five way if you will. Enough of that, on to the baby shower.

I thankfully arrived after all the ooohs and aaahs at baby clothes, big bellies and other things in that galaxy had gone down. Eats and drinks were available in plenty, as well as "conversates" as Arnold would say. I proceeded to get intimate, high and hearty. Elle B, you have too much kb, it's not fair to everyone else. We should hang out more. Several beers, samosas, frankfurters and words to the good, we headed to other places i.e. Bubbles. Normzo, a piece of advice, baby showers are definitely not hunting grounds. It was full of newlyweds, engaged couples, expectant mothers and those married with children. It is the wrong place to hunt for a hook-up. The conversation though is nothing short of interesting, from baby tips to wedding tips and other things. One happy newlywed could not understand my zeal to evade institution of marriage for as long as possible.

"Bubbles" was amazing as usual, though I was too inebriated to be a credible judge. All I know is that at the end of the night I was running up Acacia avenue after a barefooted girl who didn't appreciate anyone telling her what to do.

And then comes Saturday and I had two parties to attend. Here's a simple rule about parties, if you find yourself at party 1 and you're having a good time, by all means stay there. Anyway, first stop was Penny and Trish's house party which was good and then got better after I inhaled a few puffs of some herb. I was with Jorge and the missus. The missus happens to know many interesting people and I met Abid who introduced me to the concept of being "punch drunk". You pick a glass, preferably a big tumbler, then you go adding a bit of whatever drink is available at the party, you end up with the most exquisite punch ever and when asked what you're having, you can confidently say "I'm drinking everything at the party!" if you're still in charge of your vocal chords. Under no circumstances should you add Amarula or Bailey's unless you prefer a yoghurt based beverage. Abid is the kind of guy who walks around with an idea book; he recently started an e-zine aimed at working class people like you and you and you. I've read the first two issues and they're interesting. You should holla at him for a copy. Stella where's that email you promised me?

So we left the party still alive and kicking and headed to the ends of the earth for a birthday party that unbeknownst to us was in its death throes. Along the way we picked up the missus' friends and proceeded to spend the better part of an hour trying to find this party. It was in Kyanja! By the time we got there, it was done, so we got down to doing the dusting. I have been reliably informed that everyone enjoyed the dusting. There are pictures which unfortunately I can't show you, I might not last the week if do. It was off to "Bubbles" after that and then home.

My love for kb ensured that I ended up getting home on a bajaj sandwiched between the pilot and another guy smoking some herbs. I'm off this herb stuff for a while, seriously! Streetsider how's that going?

Jq, this bridal shower stuff sounds interesting, how bout you holla at me.

There's too much stuff in my head, I'm off to put it down.


normzo said...

Woh, i am liking the idea of 'punch drunk'...beeon looking for ways of sampling all the drinks at a party and now......thanks..

Damn, i was thinking baby showers are hunting grounds......


jny23 said...

Punch drunk is the way to go.

However always leave out the punch. I'll explain when we meet one on one.

Normzo hunts at baby showers? hahaha

Abid said...

Dude, cudnt you atleast change my name to Abel or soemthing since am a muslim or say i am. You shud have stayed at the Party, became even crazier after you guys left. ANd you are wrong, Baby showers are good places to pick up someone

Abid said...

Dude, cudnt you atleast change my name to Abel or soemthing since am a muslim or say i am. You shud have stayed at the Party, became even crazier after you guys left. ANd you are wrong, Baby showers are good places to pick up someone

Jq said...

Bridal shower alert!! Holla before Friday!!

Neo_zubair said...

Check out my description on the similar topic...