Monday, August 03, 2009

Commenting 2

I thought I would write something about BHH but Nevender beat me to it. All I'm here to say is that I agree with Number27, those first three paragraphs are art, and then come the artists. You, my dear sir, are without a doubt an artist par excellence. It was ballistic painting that damn picture with you guys. Another day, another time! Um who remembers the URL for Santo's blog? And what say you guys we move the next BHH to a Friday or even Saturday and some place with mob seats? Someone promised us a house party or some such thing, Lulu, bring the cameras next time, we have all the lights and action. Ugandan Insomniac, some of us be as if wanting to meet you but you never show. I'm off to write a damn book about your country people. Later!

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jny23 said... is Santosh's url