Friday, April 21, 2006

My Dimpled friend!

I was having a lousy week, until yesterday when I got a call from Dimples (my friend Becky).

Becka! Becka! my dimpled friend,
With the sparkle in your eyes.
I will love you till time's end.

She always cheers me up, she's one of the most interesting and lively people I've ever met. And she also holds the interesting statistic of the only girl to have ever broken up with me before we even dated. Needless to say, we never did date. Plus she wrote some of the best letters I've ever. I think the one bad thing about email is that it killed letter writing. There are fewer things more romantic than a handwritten love letter.

Speaking of romance, i find myself lacking in that department. I've been told by very relaible sources that I have "comittment issues" and I don't express my feelings (and I thought I wore my heart on my sleeve). In my defence I am very certain things, viz; Man United, hating Arsenal, uh....and a lot of other things. And if you don't think I express my feelings, just piss me off!

The rest of the week was quite lousy, did a total of 9 tests in CCNA (networking course I'm taking). Other major highlights were
1. Downloading 4 gigs of comics
2. 24 Season 5 Episodes 8 - 13
3. That's about it really (I know you're thinkin if you were me you'd hang yourself! but sometimes it be that way)

Just finished reading "A short history of nearly everything" by Bill Bryson. A very interesting book, you'd be amazed the things you don't know about, well, "almost everything." For example, Sir Isaac Newton, spent half of his life practising Alchemy

**The common perception of alchemists is that they were pseudo-scientists, crackpots and charlatans, who attempted to turn lead into gold, believed that the universe was composed of the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and spent most of their time concocting miraculous remedies, poisons, and magic potions.**

All in all, the book is an interesting read, it helps you stock up with a lot of junk history that you can always through into an argument and look very brainy.

Quote: "Never deny a woman pleasure"

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Anonymous said...

4 gigs of comics, 24 Season 5 Episodes 8 - 13, a nice chart form a gd friend and 9 tests, an eventful week in my books.
Ya, that quote has Bams written all over it! Fiona