Wednesday, April 12, 2006

...and then I came to a town....again

There is this place, that, every once in a while I come to. Depression. Yes, every now and then am afflicted by minor bouts of depression. It's as if I've just come out of a "total perspective vortex" for this universe.

Presenting things I do when I feel depressed.

When I'm depressed, I become very irritable. The smallest thing can tick me off and God or the gods be with you if you cross my path.

2. Okay, so it's not your fault but I wish it was
Then ofcourse I realise I'm being mean and unfair (usually after a heated argument with the unfortunate soul which ends with F@## U! is it my fault?)

3. Whose fault is it anyway?
And so I have sift through tons of thoughts and memories trying to figure out what went wrong. Trust me there are tons. Obviously I can't figure it out so I come up with some fancy sounding reason like. "The fate of man as a species, survival or self destruction?" or " Why is it that I live like I do and a beggar does not, is there a way it all evens out someday?". " Why?"

4. Possible actual reasons....I think
Lack of sex,
Lack of sex, Lack of sex. Okay so I'm going through a dry spell. Sense of purpose. Finding my "things to do before I'm 25" list....etc

5. Reading the word
First step to recovery, find something interesting to read, preferably funny. I've just downloaded some Tintin comics. Yeah!
Under no circumstances should you read anything by Dostoevsky, it's simply suicide.

6. Music Therapy
I read somewhere that in some vineyards, they play classical music to the grapes and eventually they produce very good wine. No, I don't do Mozart or Bach or Beethoven.
Vertical Horizon, Sarah McLachlan, Lene Marlin, U2, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, 3 Doors down, are my drugs of choice

7. Bre, Di, Dimples
One calls me sweetcakes, the other I love her innocence and one says I can do anything. I am SUPERMAN! As u can tell I'm almost cured, one last step.

8. Laughter the best medicine
Hang around my hillarious friends, Bams, Markus, Chubby, Jorge, Deschamps etc..aka The Nook!

PS: Occasional mild depression is healthy for the soul. Otherwise it would be corrupted by too much happiness.

Fiona, thanks for calling, was a lovely surprise! Look for The Road I'm On - 3 Doors Down, it's a lovely song.

World of Science Fact: Your genes are 70% similar to those of vegetables and fruits. So if call you a NUT....

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Anonymous said...

Is it a new song oba on an old album?
Oh and about wat you said that occasional depression is good________or the soul will be corrupted by too much hapiness,
I think that you can't have too much continuous hapiness, the feeling gets flat after some time, and then becomes depression irrespective of whether all variables have remained constant or even gotten better. ya i know in real life the variable fluctuate up and down, so we usually get depressed by real depressing things which in my opinion is better than getting depressed by too much hapiness, that would just feel stupid!