Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Much ado about nothing

Okay... let's see....where to begin.

Sunday: Woke up early (9am) for a sunday and read Tintin comics, it's amazing but they're still able to crack me up, especially the ones with Thompson and Thomson, Haddock and Calculus, I think my favorite is "Land of Black Gold"

Spent evening with Genie, who had thrown me out because her boyfie was getting jealous (I seem to do this a lot, I mean, make other people's boyfriends jealous!). We had a nice chat abt ****classified info***.

Monday: Did absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing!

Tuesday: Installed a Wi-Fi nic for a client, Read some networking notes, passed by the Nook, Went to Makindye to visit my aunt Becky. Was tormented by arsenal going thru to the final.

Called Shirley, who's been giving me the cold shoulder because...idon't know...but I suspect it because:- I can't express myself, can't say where I stand, she probably wants to know if we're in a relationship or not! Hey I don't know either! I think I need a manual!

Wednesday: Nothing, except, Barca 1 - 0 AC Milan, 24 episode 14. Yup that's it!

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Anonymous said...

A manual!Thats funny!Maybe you can start by trying to figure wat it is that you do not know then you can work yourself out from there.Or do you know that already?Just make sure you don't take too long to figure out watever it is that you want only to find that it is not there!Fiona