Friday, May 19, 2006

A wish upon a star!

I've got a crush! yes, a typical schoolboy ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL AND OH SHE SMILED AT ME dreamy eyes crush! I thought I was beyond these feelings because I think the last time I had one, Boyz II Men were ruling the charts and M7 and the Colonel were bosom buddies. So I'm riding the emotions, like a love sick puppy, thinking about writing love poems again. Thinking about her in every waking moment and on the verge of singing Uncle Sam's "when I see you smile." That's how bad it is. I noticed it when I couldn't get past hello..... and then I recognised those adolescent tinglings of the heart, tounge sticking in my mouth..etc. Oh what a feeling!

I saw a shooting star today and I made a wish. I wished that *omitted*. Anyway this week my theory holds tight. Lots of good stuff

1. I've got a crush on .......
Enough said already

2. Barcelona 2 Arsenal 1.
It was a magical night. I screamed till I went hoarse! By halftime, the Arsenal fans were about to eat the rest of us alive, but fate it seems is not without a touch of malice. First Eto'o then Belleti to bring out my basic baboon insticts. You should have seen me pounding my chest.

Mail from Di!
Hey Di, it's been a long time and was lovely to hear from you, especially that you have time to read my blog. And for the record my mind is like a jigsaw puzzle, i'm just tryin to put all the right pieces together.

4. Halfway thru my CISCO class
Going on to sem 3, though have like 11 tests to do but they're all online and not that difficult. I really want to finish this, it's the key to many doors.

5. Prison Break Episodes 20 and 21
Scofield and Co. finally break out of Fox river, but not without some tense moments. T Bag just cracks me up with his comments

6. Shooting star
And everything is written in the heavens...

So generally i've got a good feeling. I just finished the book I was reading, can't say I enjoyed it that much, though somehow I read it till the end so maybe there's something to it. Just going to start on Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials trilogy" from what I hear it's very good.

Downloaded some songs I heard while watching grey's anatomy, they're too nice. I particulary like Joshua Radin's music.

So in a week of, crushes, champions, shooting stars, escaped convicts and emails from the dearest of friends, I give you the quote of the week.

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
----Joseph Addison


rebekah said...
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rebekah said...
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rebekah said...

the crush. do tell. do tell. am so glad that that side of your feelings has not been abandoned through life's deceit.

Anonymous said...

U saw a shooting star!Thats so unfair, haven't seen 1 in 8 years, its such an ecstatic moment!Fiona

sam said...

that's soooo my new mantra...smthn to do, smthn to love and smthn to hope for =) nice