Monday, May 15, 2006

Dentists and Spanish Authors

I've had a very unenjoyable (for lack of a better word)week all thanks to some useless byproduct of pondlife and a barnacle
So, I went to the dentist last week, ( on my least favorite persons in the world list, dentists are up there with taxi drivers and a few other unsavory groups of persons). Anyway I had to have this tooth extracted, the irony being that I had the same tooth worked on 3 years ago and apparently what was done to it then was supposed to last fifteen years. Anyway the idiot, happened to break the damn tooth during extraction and proceeded to torment me with various tools that one would find in an espionage torture kit. Let's just say that if I could I would put out a contract on him.

Naturally the tone was set for the rest of the week, pain, unrelenting pain capped off by bloody Liverpool snatching the FA Cup at the last moment. I won't write anymore about the week, but it's my personal opinion that if the christians packaged hell as full of eager, inexperienced dentists instead of some guy with horns and a pitchfork, they would have many more converts. I would be saved right now.

Got some book from a friend "A hundred Years of Solitude" by some spanish author (Gabriel Marquez), apparently it's one of Clinton's favourites. I'm halfway throught it and it's just, well, weird!

Abbas, my housemate, managed to convince me to go to the club on Saturday nite and strangely enough I enjoyed myself ( the only ray of sun this week).

I have a theory though, that when lots of crappy things happen to you at once, on top of the ones that had already been happening, your luck's about to turn. So I'm optimistic, I think this week is going to be good.

And here's a list for you
Potentially hazardous near earth objects coming to your neighborhood soon!

And a quote

"Return to the Earth if you should find that your heart is weary and your mind is troubled, only by going back to the beginning can you find the path"
some guy in a movie.

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Anonymous said...

Bambi, sori bout your tooth, bn told its the worst pain,havn't bn to a dentist and i hope it can stay that way foever.Bt why did you go back to the same dentist that messed u up the 1st time?Fill a pain in my mouth jst thinkin about it, bright side, maybe the worst pain that will ever happen to you is over.
So there was an asteroid that hit SA recently, that makes me feel like less of a wire, i know it was jst the size of a beach ball, and not one to extinct earth, bt at least smthing happened. Still can't believe i paniced, maybe i was jst stressed. Its not that im scared of bein dead, bt it was jst such a random day to die, nothing eventfull had happened in a while, i had no airtime to talk to pple, eeh. So wats the solitude book about?R U doin exmas?If yes, good luck