Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everyone's a critic!

Ladies and gentlemen I present the next stage in evolution, homo sapien is no longer the dominant species....I give you..HOMO SUPERIOR!

The other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs and found Raymond had written crap about the new xmen movie. I was furious, actually I was going to write about it then but I figured I might display my more unsavory lingo. Anyway as u can tell by now, I'm a superhero freak. I loved the X Men movie and personally I think it was the best of the lot. I mean, the special effects were awesome! and let's face it, they are they main reason you'd go to watch it. And if you want a movie with a major plot, bloody hell! watch The English Patient! Enough ranting, the movie is brilliant, anyone who loves the X Men will enjoy it.

And coming soon!

By the way my crush's not subsiding, I need advice!

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Anonymous said...

Ya, read the blog too and lost gas for the movie, haven't yet watched it and had such gas for it as the preview is really wow.Didn't read all he wrote tho coz didn't want to know the story in detail, anyway we are going to watch it this weekend with my friend.Now i know what it takes to get on your nerves.Fiona