Saturday, July 15, 2006

So little to do , so much time!

This saturday's proving to be too lousy, no soccer = nothing else to do. So here I am blogging. It's been a while since I blogged, England's exit from the world cup was a bit of a heartbreak and I couldn't find a satisying explanation or scapegoat for that matter. But like in all love affairs, life's got to go on, you either fix the problem and move on or u break up with some unsavory parting shots. I went for the fomer, I don't give up on relationships easily, Actually it's a taboo to support one club today and in a month's time you have shifted goal posts. Soccer promiscuity is a no no. You get one club and one country for life. Most men are more faithful to their football teams than to their spouses or girlfiends. For example, I wouldn't be caught dead donning an Arsenal shirt...but you could find me in the comapny of another girl other than my beloved.

The new superman movie is out, I have to go and watch it soon, maybe tomorrow. The reviews are good so far but I'm not one to pay attention to them when it involves Kal El (his kryptonian name).

A big sorry to someone for ignoring them sometime, I had to do it.

Now, what to do....what to do....

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