Monday, June 12, 2006

Haemorrhage in my head!

I'm an England fan, infact it's the only team I'm supporting at the world cup. It has been my team for the last 7 years. We've been through, last minute penalties in Euro2K, broken metatarsals in 2002, Emile Heskey in 2004 and more broken metatarsals....and we have never parted ways. I will now call it she to better define my love for England. She has given me moments of unrestrained joy , like that time in Munich or that time with the greeks. I in return have proclaimed my love from the rooftops, willed matter and energy to move "the force" in our favor. At times it has obliged and other times darker arts have undermined our efforts. But on saturday I was totally mystified, I wondered whether the "Martians" had finally attacked earth and their first act was to replace the entire England team with zombies or worse. I spent the whole evening valiantly defending my beloved England as my friends poured forth their arsenal of words to describe the most appalling display on a soccer pitch.

I have a theory that Sven is out to get revenge, after all the English press has put him through, this is his last chance for payback. I won't be surprised if he names 11 defenders against Trinidad and Tobago.

But we will persevere, I will the fates as much that it is to my ability to do so...
"May the force be with us"

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