Monday, June 12, 2006

Evading the FRIEND ZONE!

I watched an episode of scrubs sometime, JD was about to kiss Elliot and then they were interrupted. His theory is that if something like that happens, whoever wants to take it forward (i.e. the guy) has 48 hours to complete the kiss or else the girl's gray matter will light up and chances are high that you will be condemned to the friend zone. If u don't know what the friend zone is, just listen to mario's "just a friend".
Incidentally, I find myself in a similar or worse predicament. There's this girl, I have a crush on her. I begin spending time with her and naturally I fall deeper. And then yesterday we almost kissed. Now, the problem is I'm not going to see her for a few days, so I have to be the single outstanding exception to JD's 48 hour rule. In case u were wondering what happened to JD, he was 1 second late and was thus condemned to the friend zone

As deceptively nice as the name sounds, The friend zone is among the top 5 things guys dread most. In simple words, it is torture. I've been there, twice. Not a very nice place to visit. I'm not ending up there this time.

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