Friday, March 31, 2006

Let's play, Who wants to be a Millionaire

We're having a quiz this saturday evening at the nook. Team Arsenal takes the rest of the world in a Who wants to be a millionaire type of trivia quiz. Whenever me and my friends engage in any kind of competition (one that involves teams) we invariably end up as Team Arsenal vs Man United (or the rest of the world). This is mainly due to the fact that either camp feels their premiership counterparts are the benchmark of English (and sometimes European) football. Sometimes it's just that eveyone else hates the team that is dominating. *Fuck Chelsea, Drogba and Mourinho*

Quiz Question: Who is the only person in history to have won both the Nobel Prizes for Chemistry and Physics, and in what years?

Another quiz question: What is Nwankwo Kanu's shoe size?

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