Tuesday, March 07, 2006

.....and then there was R.

According to science, the earth is roughly 4.55 billion years old, religious accounts (christian that is) put it at about 6,000 years old. The earth, science says came into existence several million years after the bing bang.

The priest tells me, "Son, God made the earth, the moon, the stars and all the universe in the first six days.". Whatever the case, my earth begun (6000-25) years or (4.55billion-25) years after the beginning.".....and God said, let there be R, and then there was Raymond".
So basically I've been around for the last 25 years, eating, sleeping and generally attempting to be useful. After 25 years I have come to realise that hell, I haven't done anything worth writing home about! Apart form consuming copius amounts of beer and food, and comping up with a few philosopies (most of them attained in the proverbial alcoholic's 'moment of clarity'). I will dispense some of these philosopies with time.

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