Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the bus

I met a girl on the bus today, she smiled and said hi. Okay, it was a taxi but we got buses here recently and I've always wanted to say it like that. I was sweating after having walked less than half a klik to the stage. I am unfit. My resolution to exercise more often is not going very well. I think I should restart my year but then again what would be the point? I'll just go on with it.

I had met her last a couple of months ago, in the traffic on her way home, me on my aimless way somewhere important I'm sure. She was stuck in traffic and as I crossed the road I heard someone call out my name. It was late in the evening, getting dark so I couldn't clearly see who was calling my name. I stood across the road looked around and then heard it again. "Raymond." I walked back into the middle of the road and stood next to the grey automobile. 'My gods ye girl! Many a season done gone past ere lay I eyes on thee?"

It was brief and I moved on, chance meeting, nothing much more than that.

I met her in A'level, back in the days when I was still a hopeful romantic, screaming from the MEG classroom, "Martha, Martha please don't leave me because I will not make it home without you." Sheesh! Of course I always made it home with or without Martha, being young is sometimes fun. Anyway, her name's not Martha but I had a thing for her back then and she was a little bit shy and I guess innocent and after a few attempts to munch some lips and whatnot, I gave up and let life go on. Horny little boys have little patience or tact for that matter.

So here I am, wondering if I should do some follow up. I know I wouldn't mind looking at that dark ebony face, those slanting eyes and ooooh, the dimples! I am in trouble I think but I shall go without any expectations but for a good story, and maybe a kiss. Hmmmm.

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zsamm said...

You're too interesting for your own good :D