Thursday, March 29, 2012

Acacia Memories

Remember the things that bring you out singing, the infatuation of youth, wonder of childhood. Say not if only I could; would have and have not are the same and different if you stand on any line. Say I can and when my will moves me, I shall and so do and have; a word, smile, frown the faces of surprise, a thing, something, rather than should have.

Remember the days when we walked the streets singing ‘Billy Jean’, licking ice cream. The days we trawled the hills for a stream, gleam, of warm sunshine off the black tint, shades and Grace.

Waste not the gifts of youth, the fleeting and eternal, weigh as much as the scale can measure and learn how to see it from the other side. Sometimes rubble on this side of the wall is gold on the other.

Remember mothers, ones you have had, dreams you have found and a measure of life. The fathers you have and ones you have sought, weigh to your heart’s content for peace is a feather, on a platter when the men sit for a natter.

Weigh it in your own measure, the peace you seek. Be not content with the scales of others for it bothers to know not but from another. That which you learn from within is seldom forsaken and never forgotten.

Delight in the memory of childhood, lost, found, never around, remember still the desire for it. The flying of a kite, whirl of windmills in the night, oh what a fright, only an owl in sight, the hill sits still, across, thrills, screams and glee. Days like these.

Take a chance. Take a fuckin chance for you will never know at a glance til you change your stance and dance. Life is music and within is a melody; even when there is the sound of nobody, it is okay to sit still and dance.

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