Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Scrabble with Lulu and Streetsider was nice, apparently it was a friendly but at one point no one was smiling. They know some English and Streetsider wasn't even putting in any effort. I'm looking forward to the real deal, so I'm polishing my word list. Lulu has promised to host the championships at her place, complete with lunch cooked by Flavia, an aspiring chef. As soon as the details are hashed out, I'll let u guys know.

In other news, I have decided to push my brain to the limit. Apparently human beings use about 10% of the available brain power at any one time. I'm not sure about the research but it seems the human brain is still much of a mystery to us. Anyway I have decided to consume anything that my mind finds interesting, which means that I will be reading and analysing a lot of stuff. If my mind goes south, I'm sure I'll appreciate some visitors in the asylum, though I'm certain Streetsider will join me at one point.

I just got through the NSSF audit report, its mind boggling the crap these so called educated bastards get up to. It makes for some depressing reading. I'm also in the process of doing a website for the mayor, yup, our very own Seeya. I have many ideas for it but it remains to be seen if he's up for them, you know how these politicians can be. Apparently he's off to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, probably to secure some funding for his next campaign; I hope he gets enough to pay me handsomely for my services!

I am looking for a good book about Uganda's history since independence, I know there are tons out there but I need one that will give me a feel of the people at the time. Anyone know a good one?


normzo said...

scarabble, i'm out-cant handle english-hahaaaaa

and in which language are you communicating with the mayor-

Your luganda is fake, his English!(i will not say)..I hope he pays 'us' 'our money.

jny23 said...

I have to be a part of that scrabble context just to meet Flavia(if that's her in the top snap and also have some of her food.
I'll be the ref.
Normzo come with the beers as Lulu doesn't buy alcohol.

Good luck doing biz with Seya.

Heaven! said...

we should also have scrabble in local languages for the likes of Normzo!

~ gnuts ~ said...

The score. On your blog. So much for humility (-:

But okay, I won't hate. Congs.