Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beyond This Mountain

Dear Love,

I’m chasing after you no more,
I’ve done this too many a time before and my feet are sore. 
This path has been long, arduous and forlorn; 
I don’t want to go on.

Is there more to this life than you
Must I forever seek to not be blue
And yet find nothing to erase the hue 
Is it true that you always come through 
If the heart that patiently waits is open and true
Am I a fool to believe in you

I want you no more, 
I’ve cried too many a tear and this heart is broke. 
The promise you made when first I awoke
Is buried in the night of past and all I have is this yoke. 
I shall dine with you no more.

Do not let yourself despair, 
For you’re always in the air 
And all is fair when the banners are raised past the hair
And your name across chests we wear

I will miss you
I will remember you
I will speak fondly of you 
But I must leave this path to you.

Farewell love
May you forever reign in the heart of the dove
And all that shines bright above
Goodbye love

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Hmmmmm....... Fiona