Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tomato Sandwich

The only person you have to fight with is yourself, when all the anger is done, when the flame has burned out, and the people say that it was all your fault, that the sin was borne in the circumstance, dead and decaying, what they taught was wrong from the beginning, if I was to be the unfortunate one to tell you of how it is to be the bastard son of a dead ideaology, I would say you rather give me death than pent up animosity.

I have learned, somehow, through the years, that anger destroys first and foremost he who wields it, for then it leads him to violence. The lessons to be learned from an act of violence are without number for he can never truly know what he could have done to stop it from happening in the first place. Yet there is what you know, in the myriad happenstances of life, you are here.

You must know how to save a life, first and foremost your own. If you should find yourself on the edge of destruction, and in the passions of strife choose to fight against the world, know well how to save thy soul, for it is only you at the beginning and the end.

I have been angry, at many things. {Okaay, I just made the best sandwich in the whole world! Its a brown bread, tomato sandwich with mayo and a sprinkling of salt. Right now, I'm going to take a big bite and get lost in some other world, only for a moment.}

I got angry at life a long time ago, I was told once that life was meant to be harsh to me, that did i not know that I was an orphan? Are you God's son, that you would utter these words and decree a life of servitude for a man? When I was younger, the only father I had was God and then I walked out of his house.

When the anger is done, there must be peace, for the soul must find rest in its understanding of the world. To be otherwise is to long for another state, of being, dead perhaps but you are here so you must find some sense, in all of it.

May it make you a better person, and may you leave by the wayside all that is between us sown with a bitterness of heart.


Anonymous said...

More often than not, prolonged anger becomes addictive to a point where the 'holder' subconsciously does not want to stop being angry (yes, it sounds insane to say that one would 'want' to stay in that state). This could because the 'holder' feels that the underlying cause is so huge that it would not be just or proper to let it go. This escalates the battle to beyond just letting go of the underlying cause to fighting both the cause and the anger itself as a separate entity.

In other news, to many more perfect sandwiches...Fiona

Ugandan girl said...

my perfect sandwich it toasted brown bread with bacon, chicken with cheese and honey mustard /italian dressing....havent had it in two years think i will make one after this.

Now lets talk about anger - honestly this is an emotion that i have expreinces too in my life. Angry alway creats a mountain out of a moule hill. but when you opt for peace, it transends all understanding. A lesson i have learnt the hard way but it was well worth it..:-)

petesmama said...

I love making and experimenting with sandwiches.

Anger... hmmm. Where to begin and where to end. It has been a long, hard and ongoing lesson, but I finally get that having peace and joy in my heart far surpasses any 'points' expressing my anger will give me.