Monday, June 14, 2010

Being You: Good and Evil

 Human beings tend to think that evil is external, that it will come from without and corrupt your soul if you let it but what, if I may ask, is evil? Is not evil the selfish act that denies another human being a fair chance at life? Is it not that unyielding hatred that sets one nation against another generation after generation? Is it not the inaction of a man who will not come to the aid of his brother because it is not his duty? Is it not that tempest stirring in your heart, driving you to the extreme in your quest to avoid pain and experience pleasure? Is it not the ignorance with which you unquestioningly receive another man’s wisdoms and truths without any questing for the truth on your part?

Every evil that has been and will be wrought upon the world is the consequence of man’s actions. There is a law of unintended consequences that states that; for every action you take (consciously or subconsciously), there will be at least three results that you could never in your wildest dreams have predicted. Your obligation as the instigator of these acts is to mitigate whatever results from them, it is your sacred duty to ensure that no one is knowingly harmed or placed in danger of possible harm against their will as a result of your actions, for the evil man is one who cares not whom he hurts in his pursuit of what he thinks is rightfully his.

You have the power to affect and change your world and the reverse is true. You will do good and evil in the world for that is what it means to be human. Take no man’s wisdom as truth unless you know it as “the self” but always heed its warning; do not take advantage of those less knowledgeable that yourself for unbeknownst to you, your life is meaningless without them. Be ever mindful of your emotions, they have the power to carry you to great heights but they can plunge you to unknown depths just as well. Beware of extremes, there is knowledge there but it comes at a price and sometimes it is not easily paid.

Life is about finding a balance, your own center, wherein you are at peace with the world as it is; all you can hope for is that the world finds a way of being at peace with you as you think you should be.

The root of all evil is the selfish act that is not tempered by the awareness of others and as such is the selfless act the root of all that is good between us in this world.

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